Solutions to Life’s Problems with a Long-Term Car Rental

Finding yourself without a personal vehicle is a crippling experience. How will I get to work? How will the kids get to and from school and activities? Suddenly the logistics become overwhelming, and it’s hard to find the solution. At Metuchen Rent-A-Car, we know how important reliable transportation is to your lifestyle. We are proud to keep our New Jersey customers in business with long-term car rental services. Let us remove the roadblocks keeping you from your destination with a reliable rental car.

Life throws curve balls when you least expect it. Many major life issues are made worse by immobility. A great solution comes from a long-term rental car.

Rental Car Solutions to Life’s Hiccups

Extended family trip

Many families want to spare the wear and tear on their personal vehicles during a long road trip. Our vehicles are well maintained and ready for longer travel.

Relocation without a permanent vehicle

Long term rental carMany professionals relocate for work. If you don’t already have a personal vehicle or your vehicle is still at your previous address, a long-term rental can be a short-term solution.

Needing an insurance rental after an accident

If your personal vehicle is damaged and unable to function, we’ll collaborate with your insurance company to secure transportation with an insurance rental car.

Needing a corporate rental during a business trip

Whether your trip is long or short, you’ll need a corporate rental car to conduct business throughout the city.

Living on college campus

Many students find themselves stranded on their college campuses during the school year. Renting a car is a great way to secure transportation. We’re conveniently located near Rutgers University and Princeton University for collegiate travel.

Needing a larger vehicle for temporary use

Moving day is always easier with a larger vehicle. Renting a truck or cargo van can decrease moving time significantly. Get the right equipment for the job with a rental truck.

Feeling stranded without a vehicle? A car rental can keep you moving! Contact Metuchen Rent-A-Car to reserve your long-term rental car by calling (732) 548-2800.

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