Safe Winter Driving Tips from the Pros

car rentals Metuchen NJWinter in New Jersey doesn’t need to stop you – most of the time – but you should be winter-driving savvy before you get behind the wheel of a rental car. Whether you’re dealing with freezing rain, sleet, ice storms, or snow storms, we at Metuchen Rent-A-Car want you to stay safe with these winter driving tips.

Winter Driving

Locals, visitors, experienced drivers, and occasional drivers alike can all benefit from reviewing winter driving safety information:

  • Check up-to-the-minute weather and driving reports on the radio, TV, or online before heading out so you know what to expect. You might also want to pre-plan your route using an app that shows road conditions.
  • Always carry warm essentials with you in the car, just in case you get stuck or stranded. That means boots, gloves, scarf, and hat.
  • Avoid driving during snowstorms, ice storms, or in other weather that makes you uneasy.
  • Carry and use a snow brush and ice scraper to remove snow and ice accumulation from windows. Don’t forget to scrape the side mirrors too! Ask your rental company if these are included in their car rentals.
  • Never head out on an empty gas tank. Should you get caught in a storm or in gridlock, you don’t want to run out of gas.
  • Give yourself extra time to get to where you’re headed since you’ll have to slow down in icy and snowy conditions.
  • Allow plenty of extra space between your rental car and the vehicle ahead of you since slowing and stopping distances can be greater in winter driving conditions.
  • To avoid losing control of the vehicle, do not use cruise control or overdrive settings. Even when streets don’t look slippery, there may be icy conditions.

This winter, be sure to choose from Metuchen Rent-A-Car’s fleet of reliable vehicles, including truck rentals, minivan rentals, midsize and economy car rentals, and follow our tips to stay safe on the road. Contact us at (732) 548-2800 to request a reservation in Metuchen, Woodbridge, or Edison, NJ.

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