4 Tips To Simplify Moving Day

Whether you’re moving down the street or to a new city in New Jersey, packing everything up and getting it to your new home can be tricky. Eliminate some of the stress with these tips from Metuchen Rent-A-Car.

Cargo van rentals NJ1. Get organized.

First things first. Get plenty of sturdy boxes, packing tape, and heavy markers. Label all boxes so you know what room they belong in and exactly what’s in them. This will make unpacking much easier and boxes will only have to land once when they arrive at the new place. You may want to ensure that the essentials you’ll need in the first day or two are all together in one or two boxes and labeled “unpack first.”

2. Sort and purge as you pack.

Before you start packing up things that you haven’t used in three years and likely will never need again, consider this as your opportunity to start without the clutter. Pack what you’ll need and then either donate, sell, or throw out the old.

3. Pack smart.

Heavier items go into smaller boxes or crates, and lighter items go into larger boxes. Bubble wrap, newspaper, towels, and dishcloths can all be used to wrap fragile items. Plus, fill up your suitcases, laundry hampers, and other baskets rather than moving them empty.

4. Rent a cargo van.

With a cargo van rental or truck rental, you’ll save time and money since you won’t be making multiple trips with small cars, and you won’t risk banging up the interior of your vehicle. Your friends and family who are helping you will thank you, too! Plus, did you know that cargo vans have comparable storage space to moving trucks but they’re much easier to drive and park?

When you’re planning your move in Metuchen, Edison, Woodbridge, or the surrounding area, Metuchen Rent-A-Car has the right vehicle for you. Contact us at (732) 548-2800 to reserve a cargo van or to learn more about our car rentals and minivan rentals. We’ll have you on the road to a smooth moving day in no time!

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